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Capricornio coffee is a major exporter of specialty coffees from the Capricornio Coffee Belt, a vast region divided by the Tropic of Capricornio, that is becoming more and more sought after in the market and considered to be the new ‘hot’ area from which to source, due to the exceptional quality of its coffee. Several coffees have been Cup of Excellence finalist over the years. Capricornio makes blends from its 20 partner farmers according to roasters' desired cupping profiles, called "Signatures". In this they are unrivalled in creating annual cupping consistency. Capricornio greatly reduces the ecological footprint helping the producers to create water-efficient mills, implement waste water treatment technologies, and apply systems thinking to optimize all coffee processes and reduce CO2 output. They also stimulate the use of organic fertilizers, energy-efficient machinery and irrigation systems. 



Chocolate, hazelnut, cranberry, plum, clementine

Capricornio Ouro Verde

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