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The Finca La Esperanza is located in Cantòn Las Cruces, Chalchuapa municipality in Santa Ana. Coffee trees grown under the shade of Ingas and other native mountain trees such as eucalyptus, cedars and others. The forest serves as home of various types of plants and animals, contributing with the biodiversity in the area. This coffee is grown and selected by women of the region. The female producers in El Salvador were virtually invisible before the 2000s despite amounting to 35% of the producing force. Whereby, IWCA' intense schedule of activities is helping to make women more visible and respected in the country. People are paying attention. “We are doers. Our focus is to create and execute programs that will benefit coffee growers,” says Maria Pacas.



Apricot, walnuts, pineapple milk chocolate, velvet body, good acidity, yellow fruits

Salvador Red Bourbon Pacas

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