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Giorgio Spiga

After studying Agricultural Sciences at the University of Padova, he became involved and began to work with coffee. In the beginning, he collaborated with an expert coffe broker,  well known in the North of Italy. Once he obtained a deep knowledge of the matter, as well as important specialist course certifications, he went travelling in Central America, Brazil, Africa and South-East Asia. He quickly became successful in building direct relationship with coffee producers .His rules now include selecting, tasting and selling of our origins of coffee.


He speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.

Alessandro Spiga

After achieving a Diploma from the prestigious Almo Collegio Borromeo, he was awarded a degree with merit in Jurisprudence from the University of Pavia and majored in Accountancy and International Commerce studies.Thanks to some of his travels in America and Asia, he approached the world of coffee and developed a passion for it. His rules now remain with foreign relations, commercial and administrative management.

He speaks fluent Italian and English.



Diana Ayala Gómez

Colombian, Treasurer and international trader from ICESI de Colombia university, ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS, internal audit quality management systems certified; she started from an early age to represent an organic coffee producer community in her region. Participates in internaional projects, she's legal representative of AYGO Organic Natural Colombian S.A.S. and she's responsible for the management of coffee in Central and South America. She likes to work directly with manufacturers and come in contact with people.

She speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Gustavo Valderrama Tascon

Gustavo Valderrama Tascon is taster international coffee, Q GRADER version 4.1 license, an approved member of the Association International SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and CQI (Coffee Quality Institute). In the last ten years he has dedicated to exploring the sensorial valid that the Colombian coffee offers and studying how the growing and roasting process impacts to get exotic flavors and aromas. He has participated in major international events, he was responsible for the development of international brands with exceptional recognition.

Gabriella Berardi

Graduated in Design Communication, social media and videomaking lover, she's worked with Politecnico di Milano for different project such as Toyota AYGO Funsharing and Poliradio as social media manager. She's responsible of online and offline communication of Spiga Trading.


Daughter of Argentine parents she speaks fluent italian, English and Spanish. 



The Coffees we offer you are selected by us directly, tasting them together with manufacturers with whom we have built relationships based on esteem and trust 



We have established a strong network in the countries we collaborate with in order to guarantee that our green coffee is always and exactly the same as when we selected it on-site. High quality and competence are high values to us.



Our flexible structure allows us to offer you highly competitive prices and a customized service to all customers: from small coffee raoster to the medium-large coffee roasters.

Our customers are our priority 24/7




We are committed to supporting projects which aim to improve the quality of life of green coffee farmers and to encourage the equality of the sexes in the working environment.


Our values are summarized in the word











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